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Turpentine baths

Recently, a method of treatment turpentine baths became widespread, there have been numerous publications on the teaching of doctors and treatments.
Catching problems hydrotherapy resorts, Zalmanov convinced of the wonderful healing properties of water and found that by using hot or cold bath can affect the capillary network to regulate the blood circulation of various organs, to restore the permeability of blood vessels, - in other words, to restore normal metabolism. Using these properties of water, Zalmanov implemented the various modifications of the medicinal baths (salt, herbs, foot, hand, turpentine).
A. Zalmanov proposed using a mixture of turpentine in order to improve methods of treatment with hot tubs. The advantage of shared baths is that they affect the capillary network of almost the entire surface of the skin.
Turpentine baths are natural (natural) therapies. Apply white and yellow bath. Action baths due to the properties of the main active substance which is included in their composition. It's - gum turpentine, obtained from the resin of coniferous trees.

The methodology of turpentine baths

Need to fill the bathtub with warm water (temperature 37 ° C) up to half. Note that the immersion of the body in a bath of aqueous solution level rises, in addition, during the procedure several times added to hot water. While in the bath water is typed, immerse the thermometer and check the water temperature of the water. Make sure that it was near the degree the mark of 37 ° C. Water thermometer must be in the bath throughout the procedure. Take enameled container. Measure out the amount of turpentine mixture, pour it into a container, then pour back as hot tap water and stir the mixture well. Pour the diluted mixture from the tank into the tub. Stir in the water bath to a mixture of turpentine is uniformly distributed.
Immerse yourself in the bath. On the clock, which must be under the arm or in front, note the start time of procedure. After 3 minutes, start to pour hot water. Control the rate of increase in water temperature. When you receive a white turpentine bath temperature of the solution is usually brought to 38-39 ° C. When you receive a yellow turpentine baths (hot) solution temperature rises to 40-42 ° C. After completion of the procedure must be careful to get up and get out of the bath: turpentine baths - oil, so the bottom of the tub wall and become slippery.
Put on a bathrobe or wrap wet sheets and body go to bed. Happy enough to rest for 1-2 hours.
After receiving the wash water, turpentine baths in any case should not be. Duration of bathing on average 5-20 minutes. You start with 5 minutes, then gradually increase the time for 1-2 minutes, depending on tolerability. If you experience any discomfort while taking a bath, it is necessary to "soften" characteristics to reduce the time, temperature or quantity of turpentine solution.
It is important to control one's own state of being in a bath of any kind. The pulse rate should not exceed 150 beats per minute. Specialists are generally not recommended to cook mixes at home, as it is rather difficult and unsafe process that requires specific knowledge, skills and experience. Turpentine baths should be kept in a dark place at room temperature. It is desirable to prevent evaporation at the neck of the bottle to put on the rubber stopper, or wrap it with cellophane.

Indications for use of turpentine baths

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system (hypertension, angina, thrombophlebitis, endarteritis obliterans, atherosclerosis of the lower extremities, Raynaud's disease, vegetative-vascular dystonia, hypotension)
  • Diseases of the osteoarticular system (arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism)
  • Diseases of urinary system (glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis)
  • Liver and Gallbladder (hepatitis, cirrhosis, cholecystitis)
  • Respiratory diseases (bronchitis, asthma, pharyngitis, sinusitis)
  • Sick of the reproductive system (adnexitis, prostatitis)
  • Neurology (polyneuropathy, neuritis, sciatica, lumbodynia)
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Obesity
  • Preventive measure for colds
Turpentine baths can be taken throughout the year at home. Turpentine baths are of three types: white, yellow and mixed.

Contraindications to the use of turpentine baths:

  • open form of tuberculosis
  • arrhythmia
  • heart failure, 2-3 tbsp.
  • hypertension stage II-III
  • Skin diseases in exacerbation
  • scabies
  • Acute inflammation or exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • malignant neoplasms
  • pregnancy
  • idiosyncrasy turpentine baths.
Increased pain in the joints, sometimes with a slight increase in body temperature, not a reason to cancel the baths.
White bath should be used only in patients with normal or low (no higher than 140-150/90), arterial blood pressure. Patients who have this level of above shows only the yellow bath.

White bath

This type of tub is designed for people with low or normal blood pressure. This procedure is not accompanied by an increase in temperature and profuse sweating. Formulation of white bath is irritating (which is reflected in tingling, or burning the skin).The use of white emulsion improves tissue nutrition, development of collateral circulation and stabilize blood pressure. Bath temperature - 37-39 degrees. Every 3-5 minutes, as the cooling bath, hot water should be added, following the indications of the water thermometer. Duration of treatment 5-20 minutes.
At the end of the procedure need to get out of the bath, without drying, put on a bathrobe or a turn in the sheet and immediately go to bed. If the treatment is carried out in the daytime, it is recommended bed rest for 1.5-2 hours. During the making of white bath can be a sensation of burning skin in various parts of the body. This is a normal reaction, usually within one hour of burning takes place. If after taking a bath of burning did not have - at the next dose of added emulsion procedure should be increased by 1/2 tsp.
By the end of the treatment baths white emulsion volume was adjusted to 8 tablespoons to the bath. We value during treatment with the maximum blood pressure begins to exceed 150 mm Hg. of Art., you must go to mixed bath, adding to the white emulsion yellow solution.

Yellow bath

This kind of bath is recommended for people with high blood pressure (above 140/90 mm Hg. Art.). Yellow bath expand capillaries, helping to lower blood pressure. They cause a general increase in body temperature, perspiration and stimulates the skin through the removal of metabolic waste products.
The yellow solution to the first bath is used in an amount of 1 tablespoon. The initial temperature should be 37 ° C. Allowed the formation of a film with lumps on the surface of the water solution. As the temperature lumps dissolve. Procedure starts with a temperature of 37 ° C. Every 3 minutes the temperature increase of 1 ° C, pouring hot water and bringing to a temperature of 39-42 ° C. In carrying out the bath should be closely monitored for well-being, state of the pulse and respiratory rate. At the end of the bath should be without drying, to rest in bed for 1-2 hours, or if the procedure was carried out before bed, to bed. The volume increase in the yellow solution procedure for each 1/2 tablespoon, bringing it, as in the case of white bathrooms, up to 8 tablespoons.

Mixed Bath

In carrying out the treatment using a combination of mixed baths with white emulsion and a yellow solution in a bath or course alternating white and yellow bath.
Dosages of each of turpentine additive in combination depending on the level of blood pressure, as well as in the case of a particular disease, the nature and the nature of the pathological process. Increasing the pressure above 150/90 mm Hg. of Art. requires the addition of a yellow solution, while at lower pressure shows an increase in the dose of white emulsion. In each case it is necessary to make an individual selection of doses in the range of 1-2 tablespoons of each, with a gradual increase or decrease in volume and bringing the final total up to 120 ml. A. Zalmanov recommended for lowering systolic blood pressure below 140 mm Hg. of Art. alternation of bathrooms: after two whites - one yellow. If such a scheme of treatment blood pressure remains within the 150-180 mm Hg. of Art., after three white bath appointed a yellow. In the event of complications, reduce the frequency and duration of the bath, but not to stop treatment.

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  2. I took a white bath of Turpentine last night, the results are unreal, my skin clear off, my eyes so bright and in general a great feeling and a lot energy, I could sleep very nice over night and notice my face look younger than ever, side effect feeling burn skin I just let the water dry in my body and the reaction stop after a few minutes such a great feeling and is the first time I try Turpentine.

  3. my butt legs and ankles burn. Using an ice pack to soothe my skin. Don't think I wanna try this again lol


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